Windows 8 Smartphone: 5 Apps to Enhance User Experience

After purchasing a Smartphone enabled with Windows latest version (8) one may go on looking for appropriate apps for it. However, one may wonder about its app compatibility but the most interesting aspect about Windows 8 phone is its app compatibility with the older version of Windows (7.5). This makes it easier to find apps that suit your needs. Listed in this article are 5 such apps that will help enhance your experience with your Windows 8 Smartphone. Let us have a look at these apps one by one and understand how these apps are useful.

Super Camera

Ever wondered about an app that will easily help you improve pictures with one touch, if so then download Super Camera. This app enables you in improving pictures with one-touch. You can easily add frames, enhance picture quality, apply effects and other such features to make your picture better. Additionally, while you are still using this application you can simultaneously capture a picture and even animate a photograph. Other things include editing pictures and enhancing the color contrast, giving brightening effects and other such improvements to make the picture appear better. With this app you need not get into sub menus for performing functions but the options are available on the easy to access tray for user convenience. Additionally, you can even add text to the picture without compromising the picture quality.

Connectivity shortcuts

You must be aware of the default functionality of lifetime UI in your Windows 8 OS. This feature is all about navigation through menus and pinning apps on start menu for a quick access. Nonetheless, even a pre-loaded feature like this may fail to include a few things like pinning options from a menu to home screen. Options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flight mode are just a few to name that any user would want to access quickly. Download an app called Connectivity Shortcuts. As the name suggests, this app is capable of creating a quick access to these programs on the home screen. Additionally, you can customize and pin other program options that are present in the sub menu to be pinned directly on start menu. Go to the option > Select > Pin to start menu, it is as simple as this. After you have pinned these options or shortcuts to these apps the icons for these programs will appear as tiles, this helps avoid clutter.

Bing Maps

The most used functionalities that a user wants are mapping and navigation. You need a reliable mapping system like Bing Maps. This is seemingly the best available application for travel and mapping. Bing has all the features incorporated for a good mapping system that Google maps contain. Additionally, Bing Maps are free of charge service and it allows a user to pin and sync on Dropbox. You can utilize it whenever you want. You will have the advantage of searching places, seeking directions and satellite image of places. Therefore, this pre-loaded app in your Windows 8 system is a boon to travelers and for those who are often out looking for directions for a specific area. Got to Bing Maps > Enter specific area > get directions.


There are various chat apps available with cross platform functionality but the best option is Whatsapp. This chat messenger is truly a cross platform based chat service that is supportive of BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows. A user can share text based chat, audio/video files and pictures with users across your chat network. After downloading this chat a user needs to register with the phone number that acts as the ID and start chatting. However, you must remember that although this chat service is free of cost you still will need to pay for the data charges as it connects through internet. Interestingly, as soon as you download this app on your phone, this app will identify the contacts that are using this app and the friends who are already connected via Whatsapp. This way you need not specifically add friends for chat. Just go to Whatsapp > Contact > Chat and start chatting.


When you are in search of various applications you might also be on a look out for the best deals available. This also includes looking for apps that are available across other platforms and are compatible to your device as well. Download Appdeals, this will help you look for 1, 20,000 apps. You get the best deal with the latest offers on apps. All you need to do is install Appdeal on your Smartphone and get started with it by following the automitacially-guided steps, remember to follow the terms & conditions laid by the app developers for full utilization of this app. When you are done installing this app you will start receiving message alerts or notifications about the latest app deals.

The 5 apps mentioned above are useful and provides an enhanced user experience with your Windows 8 Smartphone. All the above-mentioned apps are available for free.

How a Non-Cook Can Become a Top Chef Using Recipe Apps

Most of recipe applications are optimized for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, the android, blackberry and other smart phones and tablets. The top programs provide the following functionality:

Search for recipes by ingredients, cuisine types, or your special preferences
Find recipe ideas based upon whether you want to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or whatever type of food you enter.
Save your favorite recipes and compile shopping lists based upon what you need to follow each recipe.
Use recipes found in some of the most popular cookbooks, from top chefs or from user submissions.

Many recipe apps target niche areas such as vegan or vegetarian, gluten free, all meat, desserts, or they might feature applications from your favorite brands such as McCormick or Kraft.

These lifestyle applications are fantastic if you want to find and prepare meals that you may not try otherwise. Most recipe apps are free, or they have a free version which is easy to download. Some offer a premium version for a small fee, or there are many that are paid. In either case, recipe apps are always easy to find in the iTunes store or elsewhere online.

How Recipe Applications Can Improve Your Health, Diet, Budget and Most Importantly, your Cooking!

Many believe that that “smart phone generation” is far too busy and distracted to prepare their own meals. Eating out is the wave of the future and definitely the way of that large part of the population which relies upon smart phones and tablets to do most of their thinking for them. You know who you are.

Well, as with everything, “there’s an app for that”.. and mobile application developers have found a myriad of ways to combine our reliance upon smart devices with our need for daily sustenance. The ever popular recipe app has emerged as one of the most popular genre of smart device application available.

Recipe applications on tablets and cell phones provide at your fingers convenience while also providing tons of ideas about all of the fantastic meals that can be created at home if only we are willing to take a few minutes to search and then deal with a few pots and pans.

Eating In is Healthier and Less Expensive

There’s no question that it is healthier to prepare meals at home. You’ll have more control over what goes into your food as well as the preparation. You also have fewer chances to go off book and having something that is not on your diet or meal plan. It is much easier to tack on fries or dessert when you are at a restaurant, but when you at home, if you don’t have the ingredients for these unhealthy choices, you will not make them.

Also having the easy option to tack on extras is more expensive. However, in general, is it actually less expensive to eat in rather than dining out? Obviously, cost also greatly depends upon choices. If you want to eat organic, sustainable, local, fresh or if you have dietary concerns to consider, then grocery shopping and preparing your own meals is definitely less expensive. It is also easier to bring in a wide variety of options that are easy on your budget. Organic or vegan restaurants can be extremely expensive, and you get very little bang for your buck.

As you can see having these healthier options is also better for your health due to the healthier choices you can make at lower cost.

So how do recipe apps factor into actually helping you to become a better cook, eat healthier, and save money? Here is a summary if you still aren’t convinced:

If you want to cook but you aren’t all that great at ita good recipe app can assist you in choosing meal plans and recipes that fit with your comfort level. For example you can filter by difficult, cuisine type, preparation type, and many other criteria. You’ll also see how easy it can be to create meals that taste very good. Each success builds confidence, and the next meal will be even better.

If you have trouble figuring out what you can make with what you already have in your kitcheneven the most basic recipe app can help you by allowing you to search by ingredient. This saves you money because you won’t waste food that you already have. This saves you from having food go bad or expire.

If you need help managing your shoppingrecipe apps can, again, help save money by helping you to know what you need. Many people spend tons of time and money buying groceries then coming home to find that they already have a few items that they’ve purchased. Or we forget to get the one thing we needed to pick up to complete our recipe because we forgot our list. Recipe apps remove all the guess work, because all of the answers are right there on the phone. You can even pick a recipe while in the store and get everything you need on the fly.

If you are bored with eating the same old thing recipe apps can help you to mix it up. Sometimes general cookbooks focus on one cooking style or genre of food. As you know, information online is easy to filter, search and explore tons of options, and you aren’t confined to just your library of cook books. Going further, the ability to filter and search allows you to find what you need to fulfil your dietary requirements such as “high fiber” or “high iron”. Recipe apps can really help you to find better ways to make your diet more healthy.