8 Tools to A/B Test Your Mobile App

I really like performing A/B tests. Since I get a chance to test a number of elements and see how they add more value to the user’s experience.

I am sure you all are aware of the term A/B testing. It basically means to test different versions of a thing, to see which one is more efficient.

Testing is essential because it lets you know how users behave.

It is by testing that one is able to learn what works.

Why you should be A/B testing mobile apps?

Launching an app?

A/B testing provides the real answers to save time and launch your mobile app.

Ever wondered whether users like the blue or red background on the home screen? With A/B testing you can find out which elements appear attractive and perform better than others.

You can identify and test the in-app elements along with the app store pages to improve engagement.

Benefits of A/B testing a mobile app:

• A scientific method to optimize your mobile app

• Increased visibility in app store search

• Fine tune your app to deliver the best experience

• Boost in sales

• Rise in mobile app installs

List of Tools

Let’s look at the tools (by function) to help you perform better.

1) Optimizing App store page

• Splitmetrics

Splitmetrics lets you A/B test and optimize app store pages.

You can build and preview app store pages without any coding.

Create different images, play with colours, graphics and change the backgrounds.

The segmentation feature allows you to track the difference in conversions according to age and gender.

Splitmetrics also provides visitor’s behaviour in real time to help you understand how they click and scroll on your app page.

• AppRadar

App store optimization plays a crucial for marketing your app. AppRadar is helpful in optimizing your app store page.

AppRadar provides you with the keyword tracker tool to help you track your app’s performance in the store.

You can keep track of your competitors and find out where you can improvise.

It even integrates with Slack and email to daily reports and notifications.

AppRadar analyses the keywords used for your app to provide the insights and help you improve performance.

2) Acquiring new users

• Taplytics

Taplytics provides the tools to help you focus on the users. It lets you vary the content, look and feel to find out what resonates with the users.

With features like acquisition, engagement and retention analysis, Taplytics makes A/B testing easy.

You can also integrate it with Google Analytics to analyze the user behavioural pattern and get the best results.

It provides the behavioural trends, saving a time on iterations and experiment easily.

• AppsFlyer

Appsflyer is a mobile app marketing platform to track and optimize how users interact with an app. It is an official partner for Facebook, Google and Twitter.

You can attribute revenue to the source and which will help you focus on the profitable channels.

One of the features I like is the in- app events.

With this you can have in-app events sync with ad networks at no additional cost.

3) In-app user flow

• Firebase

You can build user segments and analyze their behaviour with Firebase.

The Crash reporting feature provides you with the report about how an app crash affects the users.

A single dashboard provides quick access to user data and campaign performance.

Link to AdWords in Firebase analytics to improve your ad targeting

and optimize your campaigns.

The Admob provides you with the monetization options, cross promote your apps and work with over 40 ad networks.

• Appsee

Appsee is a user experience and behaviour platform. It helps you understand how users interact with your app.

The session playback feature provides recording of users interaction with the app, letting you the problems they face.

With touch heat maps, you can see exactly which element the user clicks on.

Appsee detects unresponsive user actions such as taps and pinches to help you improve the UI of the app.

Using Appsee will help you retain users on the app and detect any shortcomings.

4) User retention

• Appannie

Track app performance, usage, downloads and revenue with Appannie.

It helps you provide app data to build the product strategies.

With Appannie you can monitor the user and their geographical locations to improve your strategy.

You can share the app data with the team to ensure whether the progress is on track.

Appannie provides automatic sales reporting from mobile app stores, so you can analyze what works and what doesn’t.

• UserTesting

UserTesting helps you provide videos of people who review an app or a website. This brings in the human element to your company, as users become informed and can take decisions easily.

By getting real insights about the user behaviour within a few hours you can create strategies for user retention.

You just need to select the app which the UserTesting participants will test.

You can even create tasks or scenarios which you would want the participants to perform to get the feedback.

Over to you

I have talked about a few tools here.

You need to test as many elements to bring in the users and then retain them on the app.

Make Yourself A Better Person With These Self Improvement Apps

If you visit the Google Play Store and notice closely, you can find there is pretty much a mobile app for almost every aspect of your lives. In today’s tech-savvy era, with the latest technological innovations in every now and then, a handful of mobile app solutions are popping up to cater us optimising our productivity, building healthier habits, setting and tracking goals etc. Such self-improvement apps would not only make your lifestyle much easier but would also help you to become a smarter, happier and a stronger person, who can lead the life successfully.

Many app development companies are paying the utmost attention to build such mobile apps having creative and unique concepts that would help to make people’s lifestyle easier. Here is a list of a few effective self-improvement apps.

#1 7 Minute Workout
To lead a successful life, keeping yourself fit and healthy is very important and to do that successfully, you need to make an impressive habit of the daily workout. As the name suggests, this application would give you short and quick yet effective workout sessions that would help you to stay healthy and in good shape. Today, everyone has a busy schedule. Hence, this app doesn’t take too much time!

HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training) is the main focus of this application. It not only helps to lose weight but also helps to keep track of total calorie count that you are losing by work out. You can get this useful app for free. However, ads and in-app purchases options are there as well.

#2 Brightnest
Took resolution of keeping your home cleaner and greener? Need to chalk out a plan to save money on the household expenses? Well, start using Brightnest to give a better and focused start keeping your resolution. This application would help you to schedule your tasks in an organised way. Moreover, you would get customised expert tips on different tasks that would cater you to carry out preset goals. Starting from the guidelines for keeping your home clean to managing your personal to-do list – everything is easily manageable using this app.

#3 Elevate
Looking for such an application that would give decent workout to your brain and would keep it active? Elevate is an impressive self-improvement app that helps to enhance your personality in many ways. It caters to sharpen your speaking skills, problem-solving skills, cognitive skills along with many other things. As you complete a certain level, the level of difficulties keeps increasing. Elevate keeps elevating your mind, your brain the more you use this application.

On the Google Play Store, this app is in the group of “Editor’s Choice”. You can get it on your phone for free. However, in-app purchases options are available as well.

#4 Unstuck
At a certain point of time, almost everyone goes through the phase where everything seems falling apart, everything feels so stuck in the life that you can’t possibly see any open door of opportunity! Unstuck would help you to unstuck or get out of such mess. It would not only help you to find necessary solutions to your problems but would cater you to find motivations. You would get expert tips along with proposed solutions to your problems.

So, these were some self-improvement apps that are extremely helpful to make yourself a better person. However, other than all the above-mentioned apps, plenty of other applications are available in the marketplace that would help you to learn new languages, help you to meditate, help you to manage your to-do list, help you to grow good habits and many more.